Rising Tides and Changing Times

Tempest & Chain

After clearing out Keywinds Abbey the group tracks down a small contingency of pirates holed up in a cave along the coast. After dispatching most of them they tie up 2 survivors and convince one to join their crew, a sailor by the name of Wesley, on their newly acquired ship Tempest & Chain. The party returns to Shallowlight and devises a plan travel to Overwatch in order to gather information at Overwatch’s grand libraries. Prior to setting sail, Ailwin discovers one of the latent powers harboured by the fragment of the Tablet of Takaral that he possesses. The power corrupting his body rots away the flesh on his hand leaving behind a blackened skeletal claw. Quickly, before any of his newfound companions notice, he hides away his disfigurement and covers it with a glove. He tells no one of what has occurred.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the party acquires two additional members for the crew, a seaweed leshy and a narcissistic miniature dragon. Nehama quickly befriends the Leshy and Inoku the dragon.

After braving a storm, the party arrives in Overwatch where they find that the libraries are locked to the public and they will need to find someone to sponsor them in order to access it’s stacks.

Keywinds Abbey

After a night of festivities in Shallowlight, the party is met by a wizard named Ailwin Gilsatra. He explains how he overheard Yedge Blossomvale the previous night talking about their mysterious new artifacts that they found in Freeport. Intrigued by their powers and mysteries, Ailwin decides to join the group. Together, after deciding that they require funds to travel to a new destination, they travel into the heart of the island to a place known as Keywinds Abbey.

During their journey, they stumble across an elderly couple in distress. The couple is assaulted by bandits and their money stolen from them. Apathetically, the group tells the couple that if they come across the thieves they will return what they can to them.

After entering the forests, the group comes across a decayed, diseased corpse. In it’s clutches it holds a chest with a green serpent etched into it. Ailwin takes the chest from the corpse and finds two small pouches of white powder inside. Unable to identify the substance, he pockets the stash.

Further along in their journey, the group comes across an enchanted glade inhabited by fey. Startled, by their sudden appearance, they sprites race off into the woods before the group is able to talk to them. In this glade, the group sees ominous reflections of themselves. Yedge sees herself but her skin has become blue and her shimmers as if moving. Inoku sees her form wrapped in black shadows and thorns. Nehama sees herself surrounded by four cloaked figures. The robes they wear are grey with lightning and clouds trimming the bottom. With Ailwin’s help, Nehama identifies that the cloaks belong to a long defunct cult of Gozreh known as the Storm Meiers. Grat, preferring to not enter the glade, does not see his own reflection in the pool.

Eventually, they come to find Keywinds Abbey. After being trapped inside by a ward, the group manages to defeat the abbey defenses and continues into the library of the abbey. In the library the party finds a numbers of leads:

  • In the journal of Lady Starsinger, they find a sketch of one of the ships of the Dread Captains. The journal mentions betrayal numerous times and a blacksmith named Pathtrader that works out of Waterwall Cove.
  • In the biography of an apparent adventurer, Nehama finds mention of a tribe of Undine on a tropical island with volcanoes. The place is named Shelterlake.

After closing a rift and defeating the shadows and ghouls that emerged from it, five magical crystals are found. Each one corresponds with a deity: Pharasma, Lamashtu, Iomedae, Desna and Gozreh. Also, among the laboratory equipment, Ailwins find a fragment of The Tablets of Takaral.

Dark Tidings
The Dread Captains

After cutting down First Mate Page and Cook Reefs from being hanged, the party take the time to bury their former comrades and the slain villagers outside the village before attempting to track down the refugee villagers.

The party tracks them through the forests of the island up to the center of the island where they find a small hidden shrine to Gozreh. There they find three villagers taking cover under the shrine. Nehama speaks to them and calms them down enough to gain their trust. The survivors are Tony, Gorin, and their village elder, Ku’luna. Escaping from the raid has taken a severe toll on Ku’luna’s body and she is gravely injured. As Inoku attempts to heal her she seems startled about something about her before falling unconscious again. The party puts together a makeshift stretcher and escorts the survivors back to the village.

Back at the village, boats are discovered to be scuttled and most of the village’s supplies have been taken. The villagers thank the group for burying their friends and family. Soon after, Ku’luna succumbs to a combination of old age and body stress, with her last words being “Dread Captains”. Tony and Gorin tell the party of the fairy tales of The Dread Captains. Tales that portray The Dread Captains as boogeymen to scare children.

With no way off the island, the party spend the next two months in the village learning to fish and rebuilding the boats to get to the nearby town of Shallowlight.

During this time the entire party begin to see spectres and hear voices. Nehama has a dream about a boat with runes floating around it’s figurehead rising out of the ocean. She begins to hear four voices right behind her for time to time. Never can she make out what is being said. Inoku begins seeing a black figure out of the corner of her eye. When she turns to look, nothing is to be found. She also has an ominous dream of a ship rising out of the water. The ship has a spiney demon as it’s figurehead. At times when she is alone, Yedge swears to see transparent apparitions and hears the wind whistling in her ears. Grat begins to see bloodied men standing just of his field of view. Never do these apparitions and visions appear to anyone else or attempt to cause them harm.

After two months, the ships are restored and the group thanks the village for their help and set sail for Shallowlight. When they arrive at Shallowlight, they find themselves right in the middle of Shallowlight’s Spring Festival. Yedge and Nehama visit the Temple of Desna in hopes of finding guidance and lore about The Dread Captains. They find little more than the fairy tales that are told to children but do leave the temple feeling slightly more uplifted after being told that they may find more information about The Dread Pirates in the libraries of New Freeport. Inoku takes the time to mind the ship with the dockmaster and joins up with Grat who has left to town to listen into the rumormill. He learns that the Grimholdt fleet had visited for a short time a few weeks prior and track down Mei-lin’s trail to a small tavern called The Bragging Horn. At the tavern, Grat learns that Mei-lin had performed there for a single night before being forced back into Grimholdt’s crew.

During their time in Shallowlight, Inoku and Yedge also win free vouchers to an extremely upscale restaurant called Three Claws. Although their meal is hilariously amazing, Yedge feels like something is wrong with the establishment. The two finish their meal and leave.

The evening of their arrival, the group also meet a local bard named Moha. Moha tells them what she knows about the legend of The Dread Captains. Moha explains how they were a group of 5 pirates that ravaged the entirety of The Mirrored Expanse. They moored at Freeport and supposedly wielded weapons imbued with the powers of gods. After a time, their very own crews grew distaste for their lives and mutinied against their captains and founded New Freeport. The Dread Captains disappeared without trace or explanation. Moha tells them they might find more information at the libraries of Overwatch or New Freeport.

With a little more information, the group now has a few leads:

  • Go to New Freeport to gather more information
  • Go to Overwatch to gather more information
  • The group is tempted by the mystery of The Lost Isle
  • Perhaps Tony and Gorin have more information

Whatever path they intend to take, they will need to find a more seaworthy vessel. Perhaps one of the many ships will be willing to escort them or take them to New Freeport or Overwatch. Perhaps they can find a safe navigation route to Overwatch. Is there more information to be found in Shallowlight?


The party awakens in the bilge of Black Sovereign, an enchanted black ship captained by Acteronis von Grimholdt along with his first mate, Mason Darkfang. Within the hold along with the party is Ren Telaca, Garcia Turnbuckle, Keanu Reefs, and Mei-lin. Garcia suffering from various wounds succumbs to his injuries within a few days after the party refuses to acknowledge his wounds. Mei-lin’s efforts to save him fail. The party is easily persuaded to join his crew in exchange for their lives and Garcia is dumped overboard. Up on the deck, the party finds Farren Threeswift and Winston “Winnie” Page being tortured for information by the crew of Black Sovereign. Farren quickly gives up the information and Winston is freed showing signs of being lashed.

Over the next few days, the party discovers that this ship is far less easy going than The Singing Winds. Duties are hard and punishment is harder as Yedge discovers after she is punished for stealing liquor from the galley. For this same incident, the cook of Black Sovereign, Hawke, attempts to have Yedge killed below deck. Yedge manages to escape the attempt. After a few days at sea, the party puts together a plan to attempt to find their gear and break for freedom but before they can enact their plan the ship finds a small fishing village. The raiding party easily overcomes the small village but the party manages to warn some of the villagers to escape. Nehama gains the good graces of Captain Grimholdt when she warns him of someone sneaking up behind him and allows Grimholdt to easily strike him down. As reward for a successful raid, the Grimholdt allows everyone one day shore leave with the caveat that everyone is to stay close to the village.

While searching the village for anything of value, the party finds a map hidden in what appears to be the village Elder’s shack. It shows a cave on the village. Convinced that the villagers that they saved could have gathered there, the party plans to sneak away and check the cave.

Inside the cave, the party finds a large sealed door. The door has a carving of five ships on it. Each ship has a different figurehead on it.

Floating arcane runes

A man tied up and hanging from chains

A spiney demon reaching out with a spear in its hand

Winds and clouds climbing up the front of the ship

A lady holding an orb in her outstretched hands like some sort of offering

After discovering the secret to opening it they are attacked by a group of Sahuagin. The party manages to escape into the tunnel behind the door to discover the ghost city of Freeport hidden by a landslide under the island. Within the city they find a number of destroyed statues at the port and a keep in the center of the city. Again, inside the keep there are a number of broken statues.

Inside the keep, the party finds a small library where they discover the location of New Freeport, The Void, The Husk Shores, and an unidentified, lost series of islands on the south of The Mirrored Expanse.

Along with the library, the party uncovers a number of murals painted in the receiving hall:

Four cloaked figures surrounded by storms and grey stones figures stand in a circle. In the center of the circle a staff stands being struck by lightning. Behind the figures, stands a pirate.

A blacksmith surrounded by red bubbling barrels forges a sword of some sort. Behind him is a pile of bodies and a female pirate stands watching over the process.

A man stands on top of a mountain surrounded by winds like razor blades. At the right angle it almost looks like the winds have a face as they are drawn into a blade.

A man is locked in a struggle with some sort of dark demon. He has his hand reaching into the chest of the demon. The rest of the scene is completely dark.

This last painting has been torn up and destroyed.

Inside the throne room the party finds five thrones, all but one has a strange floating crystal above it. Inside each crystal appears to be a weapon. After destroying the crystals to free the weapons the party take ownership of the weapons of legend: The Carver, Bloodreaver, Blue Warden and The Spear Of The Void. With these new powerful weapons in hand, the party fights there way past the awakened guards and return to the fishing village.

As they arrive to the village, they find both Black Sovereign and The Singing Winds missing. The village is empty and in the center of town under the watch tower, the group finds First Mate Page and Keanu Reefs hung.

Welcome Aboard Black Sovereign
Party 2's Adventure Begins

Party 2 has joined the crew for The Singing Winds on a mission to recover missing cargo from a House Scrimm ship called The Fogwalker. After watching Farren Threeswift punish Winston “Winnie” Page for dropping a piece of luggage, the group started their journey helping load The Singing Winds cargo and supplies. New crew member Inoku Tarquin made a particulary good impression on Captain Vost when he managed to save a piece of cargo that fell overboard while loading.

The group then spent the next few days learning life at sea performing various tasks aboard The Singing Winds. Nehama Tolsol was assigned to the ships galley, assisting the ship cook, Keanu Reefs. Grat Veshky was assigned work as a swab, performing duties on the deck. Both Yedge Blossomvale and Inoku Tarquin were assigned work as riggers on the ship.

A few days into their journey, the ship was hit by a huge storm which threw Dixon Bennek overboard. With some quick thinking Inoku and Nehama were able to quickly save him from the wrath of the ocean and recover him to the ship.

A few days after that prior to arriving to Wintershore, the party stumbled upon Lina Scrimm stowed away in the cargo hold of the ship. Lina was hoping to come along for the journey to hopefully find her lost love, a sailor that was on The Fogwalker. Nehama was quick to turn her in to the Vost and after arguing with Farren and the Captain she was escorted off the ship to be returned to her family in Freymoor. Dixon, a former prisoner, was not happy that Lina was given up to the authorities, as this is something that is not done in prison culture, and he shuns Nehama.

Upon arriving to the edge of The Mirrored Expanse, Yedge and Inoku spot a ship that seems to be following The Singing Winds. After unsuccessfully eluding the ship, The Singing Winds and a ship known only as Black Sovereign enter battle. The Singing Winds is quickly boarded and overwhelmed by the superior forces of Black Sovereign and Nehama and Yedge are both knocked unconscious while Grat and Inoku are forced to surrender or be killed. In the skirmish, Captain Vost is struck down by the unknown captain and First Mate Page is overwhelmed by the opposing crew. Dixon and Garcia Turnbuckle were both killed and Mei-lin’s condition is currently unknown.

The party is locked in the bilge of the ship along with a number of their other crewmates where the unknown captain welcomes them aboard Black Sovereign.

The Story So Far... (Party 2)
The Story So Far... (Party 2)

The party will be starting their adventure on The Gold Coast in the harbor city of Freymoor. Jobs in this city are plentiful for those willing to brave the perilous, pirate riddled waters of The Gold Coast. One of these jobs has attracted the eye of the party. One of the major trading houses, House Scrimm, is recruiting members to crew on one of their ships. Very little detail was given on the handbill except that they will be paying an abnormally higher wage due to the dangerous nature of this expedition. Any interested parties are asked to meet at The Teeny Ox Pub where an ambassador for House Scrimm will detail the job. 

You find yourself in one of the private rooms in the back of the pub.  The room is relatively packed. By your count there are approximately twenty other men and women here waiting for the Scrimm recruiter to arrive. As you sit and wait you start to hear rumors. One is that one of their recent departures was attacked by pirates and that they were looking for pirate hunters to rescue their crew and recover the cargo. Another is that they discovered an uncharted island that was rich with gold and other valuable minerals so they are looking for a crew to escort their ships back and forth and protect from would be thieves. The third rumor you hear is that Lord Victor Scrimm himself, head of House Scrimm, is travelling to the northern continent and is requiring a crew of experienced deck hands to make the journey safely.

After sitting a while, a man in noble vestments enters the room and steps to the head of the room. On his lapel is the crest of House Scrimm and in his arms he carries a large leather bound book which he slams down on the table in front of him.

“My name is Farren Threeswift, envoy to Scrimm. You all are here because you are interested in work. I will make the details brief and to the point. A very important contract has been lost at sea. A contract with the dwarf King Harsk for a very valuable piece of cargo from Galalendra. We need able hands and bodies to man a ship to recover the lost cargo. We suspect that as the ship was traveled from Galalendra and returning to port home here in Freymoor it was waylaid by pirates. Captain Vost. If you would.”

Farren looks to the corner of the room and points with his hand outstretched. In the corner of the room sits a man wearing a dirty long coat and smoking out of a pipe. He has a very tall, compact build, pierced ears and strikingly bright blond hair tied back in a ponytail and a long beard. Vost stands up and clears his throat.

“I am Barnabus Vost. Captain of The Singing Winds. The cargo we are being charged to recover was aboard The Fogwalker. The ship and cargo are suspected to have been lost near The Mirrored Expanse. A wretched hive of pirate scum. The lost ship has most likely been scuttled by now. Added to the dozens of other ships that line the ocean floor in that region and it’s cargo aboard some low life pirate’s vessel. We will travel to the Mirrored Expanse, find the cargo, and return it to Scrimm’s here in Freymoor. I will not lie to you. I require a disciplined crew that will follow my orders. This will be a dangerous journey. I suspect that not everyone will make it back here. Those that do will be paid 100 platinum each. Those that do not, will have their portion paid out to their next of kin at my discretion. Those that are interested, sign the ledger that Mr. Farren there has brought. We leave 2 days from today. You will find my ship at the docks.”

Farren opens the ledger with a large thump and produces a quill and pot from the inside of his coat.

You approach the ledger. At the top, in beautiful cursive, you see the name “Barnabus Vost”. In the column next to the signature the word “None”. As you pick up the quill your hand trembles slightly in anticipation of adventure and treasure. Maybe you’ll become a famous swashbuckler that bards will sing tales about. Maybe you’ll find a massive pirate’s bounty and return to Freymoor rich beyond your wildest dreams. Lost in thought, you almost do not hear the sound of someone clearing their throat next to you. You look up and standing beside you is Farren.

“Signature and next of kin.”

Create a character at level 3 to start the adventure. No weird races without approval. First party sources only (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/). You will be able to bring with you a small bundle of supplies. Enough to fit in a duffel bag. Maximum value of 10g. General supplies such as food and blankets are provided aboard The Singing Winds.

The Rescue
Party 1

Upon arrival at East Spire, the group has discovered that a number of mercenary companies have arrived in town answering a call that Valcarick had sent out. Five groups have arrived: Jade Company, The Highsmiths, The Crystal Cabal, The Crimson Skulls, and The Greyshield Battalion. The mercenary companies are not in a good mood since they have arrived in answer of a call and there is no one here to pay them for their services. They are all planning on leaving soon. Most are planning on moving north to Hammerhold in search of work from the royal family.

While the rest of the party went to rescue Ezren, Vedron stays in East Spire and is attempting to convince The Crimson Skulls and Crystal Cabal to stay in the city and defend on promise of payment when he regains his throne.

The rest of the group proceeded to the Fire Plane where they found a castle occupied by a Shadow Demon. The group manages to save Ezren and a confused royal treasurer named Harrey. Both were charmed and Ezren was currently charmed and working on some sort of teleportation spell. Before he was able to finish his work, the spell was dispelled and he was quickly rescued.

The Shadow Demon was not defeated and as the party re-enter the portal back to their plane, Talia swears she saw something moving in the shadows.

Unsealing the collapse
Party 1

Merida was unable to disspell the ward protecting the tunnel collapse under Keep Hammerhold. The party decided to enlist more help from more powerful spellcasters and decided to head towards Crystal Falls. Instead of taking the long way around, the party is going back to Merida’s crypt laboratory to attempt to rescue her master Ezren from the demonic plane they accidentally opened up. Ezren may be able to open a portal for them to travel through.

Vedron has Darrak dispatch agents into the city to spread rumor of Vedron’s return and to cause unrest in the city against Harsk and the Drow. Vedron, Merida and Talia on a trip into the city for supplies saved a beggar from a savage beating from a pair of Drow. Vedron revealed himself and proclaimed the city safe from harm. One of the Drow was captured and left to Darrak.

Upon leaving Hammerhold, Trixie visited the group and created bonds with Vedron and Valcarick for information. She revealed the location of Clegg “The Hammer” Sannin who is currently commanding the Orcish hordes. He is currently besieging West Spire. Trixie also revealed that The Forged are currently hunting the last Time Dragon in order to change the flow of time itself and recreate the world in their image. They were told that they can find the caster of the collapse ward in Crystal Falls. A wizard named Talice T’sarran, a member of the Crystal Council was the spellcaster. Trixie recommended the party go to either Crystal Falls or The Harsh to seek more aid.

After successfully dispatching a Bugbear ambush on the road, the party arrived at East Spire, where Talia intends to find more of her order to warn them of the status of the world.

The Story So Far... (Party 1)
The Story So Far... (Party 1)

The party is currently in the dwarven city of Hammerhold. They have made contact with Dolgrin's Revolution and are currently attempting to concoct a plan to overtake Vedron's brother, Harsk, and retake the throne. Talia and Clifford attempted to infiltrate the rank of the city guard and army but were downed in combat during "try-outs". They were revived by an unknown figure that they suspect may be Fie.

The party had attempted to negotiate with the local thieves guild for help but were seemingly unsuccessful. The guild wished to operate in the city unhindered should Vedron assume the throne but Vedron was unable/unwilling to grant them this. Vedron instead offered them work for the city. They refused.

Currently, the group is attempting to find a way to despell the powerful ward placed on the collapsed tunnel into the palace that Vedron once used to escape. To do this they have called upon Merida Oren. She is currently examining the magical ward.

In the sewers, the party keeps coming across some sort of moving source of electrical power but have never actually seen it.


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