Her mother’s nickname for her was Asa (AH-za), meaning gentle, because she was a quiet child, who always did things carefully. Her parents were part of a semi-nomadic tribe of elves. They weren’t warriors, but when [something] threatened to overtake their land and way of life, their people rallied. The battles went well, and their enemies were almost beaten back.

In what they thought would be their final battle, they were so sure of their victory, they brought everything and everyone with them, to have a victory celebration on the field of battle. But the tides turned; the enemy overtook them, and the elven warriors where forced back into the civilians. The wagons, animals, and camps made retreat impossible; the warriors and civilians were crushed against each other. Few lived to survive.

Asa was one. At such a young age, she was small and fast, and she was used to being quiet. She fled into the forest. Scarred, she shied away from intelligent beings, eating whatever scraps and berries she could find in the damp forest. At a point, delirious from hunger, she made friends with a scorpion; the first animal she ever heard speak. She called it Aino (EYE-no) “The Only One”.

With the scorpions help, she found herself able to calm animals, to lure them in with assurances and kind words, to turn on them when their guard was down. She renamed herself Neasa; she was gentle no longer.

Eventually, bolstered by her new abilities, she ventured into civilized lands. She made her way selling pelts and parts of the animals she lured; until eventually joining the monster hunter guild, Slayers Blade.


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